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Choose the right type of poker chip


Choose the right type of poker chip

Have you ever hoped that you were one of the poker players seen on television winning a big jackpot? If this is the problem, then you have to stop the day dreaming and start honing your poker skills. This can be achieved by playing poker regularly. So invite some friends for a friendly poker game at least once a month. This will improve your poker skills and give you the opportunity to relax with good friends after a tense working month.

Hosting poker games at home but not as easy as it seems. You must have the right food, drinks and poker equipment. Usually, a set of playing cards is enough to have a good poker game. However, a set of poker chips will make a good poker game into a great playing experience. Poker chips are needed for poker games because they can easily track the money being exchanged during playing games. This colorful token also carries the nuances of casinos for every poker game. Therefore it is important that you have a series of good chips with you when you host poker games.

Choosing a poker chip is not as easy as it seems, because they come in various styles and ingredients. Not all poker chips are made the same, and therefore, it is important for buyers to find out differences in various types of poker chips on the market. But chip choices, will still depend on their personal preferences that buy it. Even so, for those who are new poker, here are a brief guide on how to buy poker chips.

The first thing to consider in buying a series of poker chips is a material made of them. Chips are made of three main ingredients, namely: clay, metal and plastic. Each material has the advantages and disadvantages of each other.

Clay chips are the most sought after because they are first used in poker. The use of clay as a material for poker chips comes from the 18th century and remains until now as a favorite choice. However, there are rarely produced poker chips which are currently made completely from clay. Manufacturers have combined clay to other materials to cut production costs and at the same time make the chip more durable. For poker players who prefer chips that have a standard casino diameter and a good Heft that comes with it, clay poker or clay composite chip is the best choice. But it is ready to issue some more loose changes because this chip is considered the most expensive among other types.

Another variance is a metal-based poker chip. This type displays the metal core surrounded by clear, tough and durable plastic. In the metal core design and monetary value is placed. Metal poker chips are comparable to the clay in terms of weight. Because metal composite and metal are much cheaper to produce, the more casinos and poker players choose this type of chip.

The last material that can be used to produce chips is plastic. Even though they are no preferred from the other two, many early poker players and fans choose this chip first when they develop love for the game. The chips consisting of good quality plastic may be economical in the long term, but they do not provide poker players felt by authentic casinos that are associated with clay or metal-based chips.

The poker game can be very fun when you have the right poker chip to play. Players will often be debated where the three best ingredients to play. Even so, the choice will still rest on the person who will buy it.

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