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Play baccarat- Place your side bets


Play baccarat- Place your side bets

Baccarat is an easy-to-play casino game, and players need to place the right bets to win the game. Most commonly, gamblers use the banker side and player side games. However, baccarat enthusiasts like to deal with several betting options. They like to place side bets, which enable them to win attractive prizes.

But, one demerit of the side bets is that the house edge can be higher. Thus, beginners like to know about the effectiveness of using the side bets for playing the baccarat game.

Different pairs to play baccarat

Side bets will pay you differently based on the value of the pair in the participants’ hands.

  • The Player or Banker Pair bets win while they have cards as the first two cards. The payout ratio is 11 to 1.
  • When there is a pair in the first 2 cards, the Either Pair bet will win. The ratio will be 5 to 1.
  • The Perfect Pair betwill present you with the ratio of 25 to 1. This pair occurs while the first two cards of the player have similar values.

Baccarat is mostly a game of played with 8 decks. For instance, when youwager on a banker pair, you will bet two cards to the banker side. It will result in the pair like 2 Eights and 2 Kings.

Side bets- Small and big

Real-time baccarat players like deal with small and big side bets. These bets indicate the number of cards you will deal in a single round. There is a potential of both bankers and players for dealing with 2 cards. Thus, there will be 4 cards in total, and the payout will be in the ratio of 1.5:1. You may draw an additional card to both sides.

Side bets of different types-

  • Bellagio Match- It is one of the side bets in the multi-player casino game, and the payout is about 75:1. The house edge will be 5.27%.
  • Super 6- Players at several UK casinos like to place this bet.The payout is about 12:1 while there is 6 in the winning Banker hand. In thisside bet, the house edge is around 29.98%.
  • 3-Card Six- The payout for the side bet is 100:1 while both the Banker and the Player receive a 3-card 6 hand. In this case, you willfind a 13.37% house edge.
  • Lucky Bonus- In some baccarat tables, you can find this side bet. The bet is on the Banker hand that wins6. The player-friendly RTP witha payout of 18:1 is one of the noticeable aspects of the side bet.
  • Royal Match- You can place this bet on the Banker and the Player drawing a Queen and King in the first2 dealt cards. Moreover, the house edge is about 2.13%. Your payout is almost 75:1.

You have now understood side bets placed in baccarat. at  you can play slots, baccarat, and several other games. Create your casino account, grab your bonus, and place your bet.

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